A Carb Revelation 

I’m nearing the end of my 4th week of Keto, and I was thinking about the changes that have taken place so far, I’ve gotta say I’m pretty excited!! 

  • On my first day I completely kicked my insulin, and have had better glucose readings this last month than in any of my diabetic history- gestational included where I was SO careful about what and how I ate!
  • I’m down a total of 13 pounds AND two inches on my waist! How do you not love that? 
  • I’ve discovered that I absolutely LOVE cooking and “Ketofying” our favorite meals has been so fun for me! I’m planning on putting actual ledgible recipes together to post too! 

And while these things are great, and more than enough motivation to keep me going on this way of eating, the change that I’m truly reveling in is how I view food itself now. Yes, I’m still green and have so much more to learn, but already my whole outlook is so different! Food used to be my go-to for any situation. Bored? Have a snack. Happy? Celebrate with something decadent. Sad? Time for chocolate, and tons of it! Every emotion would easily equate with food, and at the very heart, carbs. But over the last few weeks I’ve really taken control over what and why I am eating. Striving for satiety alone has forced me to make better decisions, and although I still have cravings (I’m only human right!) they are fewer and further between and don’t center around carbs anymore. Because what I have come to realize about popular carbs (bread, pasta, rice, etc…) is that they really are, for me, just a vehicle for flavor. 

This carb revelation so to speak has helped me understand that I am not deprived of anything within this way of eating and it is quickly becoming dare I say it? A way of life! 

So that’s my current Keto update! I’m loving life, and taking another step forward for my well being! 
Until Next Time!




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